These specially designed slide sheets are used to assist in repositioning a patient in bed or can provide assistance when moving the patient from a prone to a sitting position. The material is resistant to fluids and can be easily spot cleaned and will not fray if it is put in a washer/dryer.

There are several size options to select from depending on what portion of the bed you would like to cover.

Images shown are examples of the various sheets, please review the sizes available when ordering. 


Sheryl K. (Verified Purchase)

Your products techniques and videos on your products should be shown to the families in rehab. I just happen to come upon it one day. I am happy with what I bought but I do wish it had been offered and shown to me while in rehab. Thank you

Available Sizes:

TTE-6100 - 24" x 16" - $25

TTE-6102 - 29" x 28" - $28

TTE-6104 - 48" x 28" - $38

TTE-6106 - 48" x 39" - $45

TTE-6110 - 79" x 28" - $55

TTE-6112 - 79" x 55" - $65 



Maximum weight is 330 lbs.

This product must be used by qualified personnel only.
Do not use this product for patient lifting.

100% Polyamide
Latex Free



Cleaning Instructions:
Machine wash hot or warm water
Spot clean with a wash cloth and water
Do not bleach
Do not iron
Do not dry clean
$ 25.00