The Salvaclip® Standard Waist Belt is a great choice if there are concerns with having a patient roll out of their bed during the day or while sleeping at night. The belt fits loosely around the patient's waist so that they can still turn from side-to-side but it keeps them centered in the bed and is an option if bed rails are not available. The belt attaches to the frame of the bed or stretcher on either side (see close-up photo below)

The patient's belt closes with Velcro and is further secured with a nylon belt with metal rings. The belt then attaches to the bed or stretcher using nylon straps and metal rings. 

Size:One size - Minimum Width: 31.5" - Maximum Width: 41.5"

Exterior: 35% Cotton – 65% Polyester
Interior: 100% Polyester

Color:Blue belt and dark blue straps

Laundry Instructions:
- Machine wash hot or warm water
- Do not bleach
- Tumble dry at low temperatures
- Do not iron
- Do not dry clean
$ 52.00