The SalvaClip® Full Vest for Wheelchairs is a high-quality, durable and comfortable vest that protects a person in a wheelchair to minimize the chances of falling forward or slipping out of the chair.

The vest is made of a unique 3D technical fabric which fits and secures the patient's body in an ergonomic and comfortable way. Thanks to its three-dimensional mesh structure, it provides excellent breath-ability as well as a high-resistance to wear and tear. The exterior coating is water-repellent that repels stains. This reduces the frequency with which the vest must be washed and increases the product durability.

Note - This is not meant to be used as restraint device. Someone must be with the person in the wheelchair at all times. The device is also not meant to be used in a moving vehicle at any time.

The vest is available in 3 sizes:

Small - SCC-4114 - Chest width between 35" - 45"

Medium - SCC-4115 - Chest width between 39" - 53"

Large - SCC-4116 - Chest width between 45" - 59"

If a larger width is needed please click the image below to view the Salvaclip Extension Straps (23.5").

Please note that once a product has been opened it can not be returned.

$ 69.00