Let’s face it, dealing with incontinence isn't fun. And while there are various options such as those green paper sheets or white rubber pads, they clearly identify their purpose which can make patients or loved ones embarrassed and uncomfortable. 

Well those days are over! Now you can provide a protective layer on a bed, chair, car seat or wheelchair that is very discreet. Our re-usable and washable plush protective throws feature a hidden layer of 100% waterproof, non-toxic polyurethane. These attractive, high-quality, plush throws blend in with furnishings and provide protection in a dignified way for any seating surface area.

Sizing and Quantity Per Package:

Small - 18" x 18" - 2 per package

Large - 36" x 52" - 1 per package




Ocean (blue)


Exterior: Soft plush topside is 100% polyester with jersey knit underside that is 55% cotton / 45% polyester

Interior: Undetectable 100% waterproof non-toxic polyurethane layer

Care: Machine wash warm or cold, dry low.

WARNING - Using a hot dryer will cause waterproof barrier to blister

$ 28.00