Moving a loved one or patient from their bed to a chair or wheelchair can be a difficult task even on the best of days, and if they can’t assist or are lacking strength, it’s that much harder and the fall risk increases.

This sturdy yet lightweight and very durable turntable allows the patient or loved one to be easily pivoted during a transfer and reduces the risk of injuries to the caregiver. This turntable combined with our gait belt (choose either small, medium or large) and our auxiliary leg band are a great combination for transfers.

Both sides of the patient transfer turntable have a non-slip base for controlled rotation that guarantees maximum stability.

For those in the health care field, please note that the turntable is constructed of plastic and brass parts (no metal parts) so it can be safely used in hospital MRI rooms or x-ray situations.

Its height is only 1/2 inch and it is easy to clean. A hand grip is provided for transport.


Gloria S. (Verified Purchase)

Having this Patient Transfer Turntable has made the home health aides' job much simpler, since my husband is unable to move his feet to get from the bed to his wheelchair. He weighs 183 lbs. and can barely put his feet on the floor when they take him out of bed. Since getting this turntable, the aides let him place his feet on it while he's sitting on the side of the bed. They then stand him up and with their arms around him and hands on his belt, swivel the turntable and sit him in his wheelchair. They don't even have to place their foot on the turntable -- my husband's weight is enough to turn it around. It is even easier when they transfer him back from the wheelchair to his bed. They just put their arms under his arms and swivel him back into bed. It takes only seconds and is much less strain on the aides. We are so happy with this equipment. It is well worth the price.

Maximum Weight Limit:

300 lbs.

Non Slip material: 50% PU – 50% Nylon
Board and disc: 100% Polyethylene
Non-Slip Material: Grey
Board: Blue or White


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