The Medi-Glide single handle board is designed to transfer patients from a bed to a wheelchair, chair, vice-versa. It significantly reduces the effort required by the caregiver and increases the patient's safety due to the rigidity of the board. It is constructed of a sturdy and lightweight material, with the top side being very smooth and the bottom side has an anti-skid surface. This version has two longitudinal grooves which allows the user to modify the shape of the board to make it more ergonomic and safe. This is the same board used in the Professional Transfer Kit.


2' 23" x 1'

Board: Polyethylene

Anti-Slip Tape: Rubber

Blue with grey tape

Cleaning Instructions:
Clean with damp cloth and mild soap

Maximum weight: 300 lb
Do not use for transfers with more than 4" between surfaces

This product should be used by qualified personnel.

$ 120.00