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Subject: Patient Transfer Kit - The kit has helped us

Randy C. (Verified Purchase)

Well worth the cost. Working with my mostly immobile 86 year old father-in-law who is moving in with my wife and I this weekend. Transferring him from bed to wheelchair and wheelchair to Lazy Boy chair is so much easier than before using the kit. Love it!

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Subject: Patient Transfer Kit - The kit has helped us

David J. (Verified Purchase)

The kit has helped us tremendously in moving my father from bed to chair to bed. His movement has greatly decreased and it would so much harder to do what we needed without the transfer aids.

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Subject: Medi-Slide - A real back saver!

Stephen F. (Verified Purchase)

My son has Spastic CP and is always sliding forward in his wheelchair. He weighs 180 pounds and it took considerable effort to get him back up straight. With the Medi-Slide it is so much easier and his posture is much better as we no longer put off straightening him out. Two thumbs up!

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Subject: Medi-Slide - Great Product!

Carter S. (Verified Purchase)

Great product. Shipping is really fast. Recommended seller.

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Subject: Medi-Slide - Great Product!

Randy C. (Verified Purchase)

A great addition to our Professional Transfer Kit. So easy now to scrooch up my father-in-law in his easy chair!

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Subject: Medi-Slide

Lavana H. (Verified Purchase)

My mother is in very advanced stages of Alzheimer’s. She has no speech and no mobility. A Hoyer is used to get her into and out of bed. The Medi-Slide is constructed extremely well. The straps are very securely sewn at an angle. I have no fear of them pulling loose. It GREATLY reduces the amount of force needed to move her into correct sitting position. The Medi-Slide has enabled us to place an expectation on staff that she can be positioned correctly. It has enabled her to stay in a regular wheelchair longer than she would have otherwise. THANK YOU.

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Subject: Superior Service

Margaret M. (Verified Purchase)

John was extremely helpful in helping me obtain the auxiliary leg bands. I had been having trouble finding them in Canada and he set up shipping for me. These bands will make life so much easier for our staff. Thank you John!

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Subject: Patient Transfer Turntable

Gloria S. (Verified Purchase)

Having this Patient Transfer Turntable has made the home health aides' job much simpler, since my husband is unable to move his feet to get from the bed to his wheelchair. He weighs 183 lbs. and can barely put his feet on the floor when they take him out of bed. Since getting this turntable, the aides let him place his feet on it while he's sitting on the side of the bed. They then stand him up and with their arms around him and hands on his belt, swivel the turntable and sit him in his wheelchair. They don't even have to place their foot on the turntable -- my husband's weight is enough to turn it around. It is even easier when they transfer him back from the wheelchair to his bed. They just put their arms under his arms and swivel him back into bed. It takes only seconds and is much less strain on the aides. We are so happy with this equipment. It is well worth the price.

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Subject: Patient Transfer Turntable

Aubrey B. (Verified Purchase)

Works as described. Great.

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Subject: Soft Patient Swivel Cushion

Denise V. (Verified Purchase)

My client and her aides really like this product and it is working out well for her. I have spread the news to my colleagues about this product and your other ones as well!! So happy to know your company is out there.

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Subject: Auxiliary band for legs

Jill M. (Verified Purchase)

This is a great product! I'm so glad there is a store now in the U.S. who is making these types of items available.

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Subject: Slide Sheet

Maria E. (Verified Purchase)

We received the Translide sheet the other day- its super! My 95 year old mom's immediate reaction following the boost with the Translide was "Nice", with a smile.  Double thumbs up from everyone at my parents condo....Perfect for single caregiver transfers as shown in the video.  I can't thank you enough for the outstanding customer service you provided us:):).  I sincerely appreciated the extra TLC you showed us throughout the ordering process....ending with the personal post office delivery:). 

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Sheryl K. (Verified Purchase)

Your products techniques and videos on your products should be shown to the families in rehab. I just happen to come upon it one day. I am happy with what I bought but I do wish it had been offered and shown to me while in rehab. Thank you

Subject: Soft Patient Swivel Cushion

Rocio B. (Verified Purchase)

Very good and easy to use.

Subject: Gait Belt - Makes transporting safer, easier

Chester P. (Verified Purchase)

Very sturdy, easy to use gait belt. When used with the ICS Medical transfer slide and leg band, transferring from bed to wheelchair, wheelchair to couch/chair is done safely.

Subject: Gait Belt

Paula F. (Verified Purchase)

So far the belt is working out just fine.

Subject: Multiple Products

Tracie L. (Verified Purchase)

Protection Pads - The protection pads are great.  It’s great to have a product that does not have elastic that will cause an indentation on the feet if they are already swollen.  In the past, with other products, I have had to cut the pads, but your product worked just as I imagined it would - no indentation on the occasions when we have swelling and we are able to protect the heels.

Gait Belt - I love the gait’s been great for me or my caregiver to use to get my mother to hold on to something... that is the reason I am ordering a second belt.  The new one will be for her, as the quality is much better than the one I had, it has more cushion and I do not believe it will bruise her, which is a concern that I have with her current model.

Auxiliary Band - The auxiliary band for the legs, have not had much opportunity to use, but on the one or two occasions when used, it was sufficient.

Subject: Customer Service

Deb A. (Verified Purchase)

The products we purchased worked well and the customer service was impeccable, 5 stars!

Subject: Customer Service

Umar I. (Verified Purchase)

John Pas provided excellent service and follow-up. Thank you

Subject: Customer Service

Scott W. (Verified Purchase)

They are outstanding to work with. Great product line. Have ordered two of their products. The only thing better than their products is their customer service. Couldn't be more pleased with ICS. I would recommend them and their products to family and friends, and as a matter of fact I have.

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