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My mother is in very advanced stages of Alzheimer’s. She has no speech and no mobility. A Hoyer is used to get her into and out of bed. She is a large woman and still has enough muscle tone to sit upright in a regular wheelchair. However, it is difficult to land in the wheelchair with her butt all the way back in the chair. And she is unable to push herself back or to assist in any way. You can only barely get her to lean forward. Staff at the nursing would often leave her in a sacral sitting position and even began hinting at placing her in a more supportive reclining chair. But when her butt is all the way back and she has a lumbar support pillow she sits upright on her own. Enter the Medi-Slide. I was dubious about the Medi-Slide working beneath the Hoyer sling, and I do think it loses some effectiveness, but it is helpful. If my mother is not expecting to be moved or feels unsafe moving she presses down in the chair and the slide just moves under her pulling the sling back but not her. If the sling has not been placed under her far enough under her butt to her upper thigh it can get moved out of position. This is what I've found works best to have the slide be effective. Place her initially as far back in the chair as possible. Have her fully engaged with you making eye contact and be sure she understands you are communicating with her not someone else in the room. Only talk to her while proceeding to keep her engaged with you. Have Mom lean forward with her hands reaching for a target to rest on. The bed works well. This way you can get her into a full lean forward not just upright. (Try yourself scooting back in a chair. It is easier leaning forward not straight up and down. It's just physics.) Grasp the loops to pull her back. You will also be leaning forward and should slightly bend your legs and use your legs to prevent the chair from moving. Use your body closeness and voice tone to help her feel secure. Tell her you will move her back - or wiggle her back. Say it again while tugging on the loops slightly to help her understand what is happening. Now begin pulling her back using your legs and arms not your back- a back and forth wiggle back works best for Mom. The Medi-Slide is constructed extremely well. The straps are very securely sewn at an angle. I have no fear of them pulling loose. It GREATLY reduces the amount of force needed to move her into correct sitting position. Key is getting her to lean all the way forward and using good communication skills with a dementia patient. The Medi-Slide has enabled us to place an expectation on staff that she can be positioned correctly. It has enabled her to stay in a regular wheelchair longer than she would have otherwise. THANK YOU.