ICS Medical Supply is the exclusive U.S. distributor for Medicare Systems (based in Barcelona, Spain) for the Midwest, Northeast, East Coast and Southeast regions (see map below). The company was founded based on the need to provide high-quality medical equipment specifically designed for the safe transfer of patients by family caregivers as well as healthcare professionals.  Our products are widely used in home care, but are durable enough for use in hospitals, assisted living centers, hospice facilities, ambulatory services and rehabilitation centers.

Our management team brings has a combined expertise of over 40-years in the medical equipment supply industry and over 25 years in customer service and marketing. The owners also own and manage the daily operations of a medical equipment retail store and a home health caregiving agency.

Our goal is 100% satisfaction and we are committed to fulfilling our customers' expectations for superior products at a good value while delivering outstanding service.

Thank you for trusting in ICS Medical Supply…we look forward to serving you and welcome your feedback!


7138 N University Dr.
Pompano Beach, FL 33321

671 E. Big Beaver Rd., Suite 111
Troy, MI 48083

June McCarthy – Owner

June McCarthy has been a provider of equipment, supplies and homecare products for over 40 years. Her experience has been centered around the complexities of meeting the caregiving challenges, the aging in place process and matching safe and useful products to their diseases and conditions.

John Pas – Owner

John Pas has worked in advertising and marketing for 23 years and brings a passion for helping both individuals and professional caregivers who provide care to loved ones and clients. Finding products that increase the safety and reduce the risk of injury to caregivers is a top priority. Improving the comfort of those being cared for is also a key priority for John.

John McCarthy – Owner

John McCarthy, along with his wife June, has served his clients in the medical supply and equipment profession for over 40 years in Florida and surrounding states.

Brendy Pas – Owner

Brendy has been in public relations for over 25 years and in 2014 found a new calling to provide quality in-home care services to those clients who want to stay in their homes longer in the greater Metro Detroit area.


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Providing care for a client—while rewarding in many ways—is also physically demanding on both the caregiver and the client.

While a primary objective is to ensure the safety of the patient, it’s also important that the caregiver take measures to protect themselves to avoid personal injuries. In the case of a family member providing care, the impact can be even greater. Read More

Homecare Magazine, November, 2016

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