These high-quality products are great for transferring a patient or loved one from a bed to a chair or wheel chair and vice-versa.

Auxiliary Band for Legs

$ 50.00

This very unique leg band is really useful when shifting a loved one or patient in a bed to/from a sitting position or lifting/sitting the person (see video below on how it is used). This band combined with our gait belt (choose either small, medium or large) and our patient turntable are a great combination for transfers. It keeps a patients...

Bariatric Slide Sheet with Large Handles

$ 60.00

These high-quality bariatric slide sheets are very useful when repositioning a person in bed. The hand grips on the side allow the sheet to be shifted from multiple locations. These sheets are ideal for transferring heavier patients. They are made of an ultra-sliding high-tenacity technical fabric which creates very low friction between the patient and the slide sheet. The hand...

Disposable Transfer Sheet with Handles (Package of 4)

$ 52.00

These disposable transfer slide sheets with hand grips are an optimal solution for transferring patients. They are sold in packages of 4 sheets.  The sheet is also good for one-time use with patients who have contagious infections or those who may have issues with body fluids. The sheet is made of a blue-colored special fabric and is provided with 5...

Gait Belt

$ 45.00

This gait belt is very helpful for safe patient transfers. It has been designed to support patients during lifting or transfer between a chair to bed, wheelchair, etc. This belt is worn by the caregiver and/or patient offering extra grips for the patient and makes the transfer easier and helps to prevent lumbar injuries. Facilitates patients handling, walking, sitting up,...


$ 120.00

The Medi-Glide board is designed to transfer patients from a bed to a wheelchair, chair, vice-versa. It significantly reduces the effort required by the caregiver and increases the patient's safety due to the rigidity of the board. It is constructed of a sturdy and lightweight material, with the top side being very smooth and the bottom side has an anti-skid surface. This version has...


Sold Out

The foldable Medi-Roller board with full cover is a very good choice when doing transfers between two surfaces such as a stretcher to a bed and vice-versa. It can be used to transfer patients weighing up to 300 lbs. Please note that there should only be a maximum gap of 7 1/2 inches between the two surfaces and that the...

Medi-Roller Disposable External Covers

Sold Out

Disposable external cover replacements for Medi-Roller board. There are 100 units per roll.

Medi-Roller PRO

$ 795.00

The foldable Medi-Roller PRO board with full cover is a very good choice when doing transfers between two surfaces such as a stretcher to a bed and vice-versa. It can be used to transfer patients weighing up to 300 lbs. Please note that there should only be a maximum gap of 7 1/2 inches between the two surfaces and that...

Medi-Roller PRO Disposable External Covers

$ 130.00

Disposable external cover replacements for Medi-roller PRO. There are 100 units per roll.

Medi-Slide Padded Tube

$ 50.00

The Medi-Slide Padded Tube is a unique one-way transfer system used to help when moving a patient. changing the posture of patients who are laying down. The Medi-Slide Padded Tube provides a comfortable base for the patient to sit on and can be left in place for an extended period of time if needed.It 's padded tubular design is built...

Medi-Slide With Handles

$ 95.00

The Medi-Slide one-way open transfer is used to help with changing the posture of seated patients (wheelchairs, armchairs, car seats, etc.). The Medi-Slide moves in just one direction and prevents the patient from sliding down and moving into poor postures. It is a padded tubular design with a soft touch fabric and sliding fabric interior. Two Sizes Available: Medium -...

Patient Transfer Turntable

$ 138.00

Moving a loved one or patient from their bed to a chair or wheelchair can be a difficult task even on the best of days, and if they can’t assist or are lacking strength, it’s that much harder and the fall risk increases. This sturdy yet lightweight and very durable turntable allows the patient or loved one to be easily...

Professional Patient Transfer Kit

$ 525.00

ICS Medical Supply and our primary manufacturer, Medicare System, worked together to create a Professional Transfer Kit that includes our most popular and helpful products in an easy-to-carry backpack, which also serves as a storage container. The Professional Transfer Kit includes 1 of each of these items: 1. Transfer Assistance Band 2. Gait Belt - SIze Medium 3. Gait Belt - Size...

Pull and Grip Band

$ 28.00

The pull and grip band is a device designed to assist patients who need additional help when they want to sit up in their bed. It is secured to the end of the bed by attaching it to the bed frame (it can be secured in the corner or middle of the bed). The band has 6 separated sections in different...

Slide Sheet

$ 25.00

This specially designed slide sheet is used to assist in patient transfers to or from a bed, stretcher, wheelchair, chair, armchair, car, operating table, etc. It is specially designed to use under moist conditions. Made of high-quality low friction fabric that is incredibly slippery to assist with moving someone in a bed or chair. It can also be washed in...

Slide Sheet for Wet Conditions

$ 65.00

The machine washable sliding tubular sheet is a useful aid to assist with re-positioning patients in bed and when performing transfers between a bath/shower and a wheelchair where lifting the patient is not safe or an option. For bath/shower situations this slide sheet along with the Medi-Glide should be used together. The fabric is very smooth (almost slippery) which helps...


Sliding & Rotating Shower Bench

$ 155.00 $ 120.00

Are you looking for a safe and comfortable way to assist your loved one or patient when they need to take a shower? This sliding and rotating bench provides a safe and easy way for you to move them in and out of the shower while greatly reducing the risk of falls or injury to yourself. This sliding and rotating...

Soft Patient Swivel Cushion

$ 70.00

The soft turntable facilitates the transfer of a person seated in a car, bed or chair. It consists of two flexible very low-friction discs that rotate on a central axis. It is durable, portable and machine-washable. The soft turntable is 16" in diameter and weighs less that 1 pound so it can be easily transported with the patient to use in various...

Transfer Assistance Band

$ 50.00

This transfer assistance band acts as an extension to their arms when moving a patient or loved one. It allows the caregiver to control the trunk of the patient in mobilization and transfer tasks, providing a sense of security to the patient and avoiding over-exertion injuries to the caregiver. Its solid construction with strong materials and double handles at the ends...