These items will help those patients that are spending quite a bit of time in a bed or horizontal position or those that have recently had some type of arm surgery. The elbow protector and arm sling work together to provide additional protection.

Salvaclip® Comfort Belt with Pelvic Strap

$ 46.00

The Salvaclip® Comfort Belt with plastic clips is a great choice to help safely secure a patient or loved one in their wheelchair so that they don't slide down or accidentally fall out of their chair. The belt has a pelvic strap as an additional level of safety and is especially designed to be used with wheelchairs. The Salvaclip® Comfort Belt is...

Salvaclip® Standard Waist Belt

$ 52.00

The Salvaclip® Standard Waist Belt is a great choice if there are concerns with having a patient roll out of their bed during the day or while sleeping at night. The belt fits loosely around the patient's waist so that they can still turn from side-to-side but it keeps them centered in the bed and is an option if bed rails...